During the last decade or so, there has been an increase in effort and regulations to help curb the number of truck accidents that happen in Knoxville and across the country. Although they do not happen as often as car accidents, they occur often enough for motorists to become more educated about truckers, their responsibilities and common truck accident myths that put them at risk of injury. 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, the number of people who lost their lives in large truck accidents was 3,852 in 2015. Many people who survive in truck accidents have serious wounds. They also end up with medical bills, lost wages and other issues from their accidents. Motorists should take some time to learn about some common truck accident myths to better understand the steps they must take to improve their situations and seek compensation. 

Truckers are the safest drivers on the roads 

22 percent of truck accidents are caused by trucker error, states the GTG Technology Group. Not all truckers follow their training and traffic laws. Often, they are overworked and focused on meeting their delivery times. Many truckers make mistakes when they operate their vehicles that lead to collisions. 

Drivers are well-rested 

Truckers work long shifts and may not have time to get enough sleep before returning to work each day. Also, driving their trucks for long periods of time with few breaks in between can cause them to become tired and bored. Fatigue diminishes their driving performance, alertness and decision-making capabilities. 

Truckers do not drink 

Truckers are prohibited from using alcohol several hours before and during their shifts. The rules regarding alcohol use in the trucking industry are among the strictest in the world. Despite this, some commercial vehicle operators disregard those rules. Alcohol use leads to impairment, roll-over incidents and collisions. 

Many truck collision victims find it challenging to manage the aftermath of their accidents on their own. Some of them find it beneficial to rely on the guidance, support and resources their attorneys provide.