As perfect as hitting the road on a motorcycle feels, it can almost seem as if the two were made to go together. Most Tennesseee motorcycle enthusiasts would agree with this sentiment, especially as the weather continues to grow warmer in the Volunteer State. Unfortunately, this eagerness to keep the roads hot comes an alarming number of accidents. The below information shares a few accident prevention tips, as well as the most common types of motorcycle injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stresses in a brochure on motorcycle safety that motorcycle accidents take 2,100 lives each year. On the same note, motorcyclists are 16 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than their automobile counterparts. The NHTSA also points out that most crashes involving motorcycles are not the motorcyclist’s fault. To avoid injury on the road, the NHTSA encourages motorcyclists to wear proper protective gear, including gloves, jackets, appropriate footwear, helmets and eye protection. Helmets are the key in this list of protective gear, as they have proven to be 29 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries. 

RideApart magazine understands that, sometimes, an accident can occur despite all the preventative steps taken. Using a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for reference, RideApart explains that 30 percent of all non-fatal motorcycle injuries involve the feet and legs. Following close behind are injuries dealing with the head and neck, which accounted for 22 percent of all non-fatal injuries. Upper trunk wounds followed head and neck injuries, and arms and hands made up the smallest percentage of non-fatal damages. Not only can these statistics help motorcyclists become more alert; they can ultimately save lives.