While most people do not plan to run out of gas on a highway, it does happen from time to time. If this happens, it is important for drivers to take certain actions to avoid involvement in an accident.

Unfortunately, a man failed to take these precautions when he ran out of gas earlier this week, resulting in a fatality.

Being in the wrong place on the highway leads to one man’s death

According to WJHL.com, a man left his vehicle protruding into a traffic lane when he pulled over due to an empty gas tank. While he was standing next to his truck another vehicle struck and killed him. While the passenger of the other vehicle is physically unharmed, the emotional toll of the accident may cause problems for years to come.

It is unclear if the cause of the accident was the fault of the driver, the placement of the truck or where the driver was standing at the time.

Taking proper precautions can help people avoid accidents

If a driver’s truck runs out of gas, it is important that he or she park the vehicle completely out of the way of traffic. Any part of the vehicle left protruding into traffic can cause an accident, which could be fatal to any party involved.

Additionally, the driver should turn on the vehicle’s hazard lights to alert other drivers that there is a problem. Packing reflective clothing in the vehicle for such an emergency can also help other drivers take notice of the person wearing it.

If the driver cannot park the car completely off the highway lanes, it is important that he or she stand far enough away from the vehicle to avoid being involved in a collision.