Routine products around the home can pose serious risks to consumers. There was a  recent recall of almost 200,000 Hampton Bay Mara ceiling fans following reports of injuries caused by blades that detached during their use. In addition to fans being recalled as dangerous and defective products, these devices pose risks even without defects.


These fans were sold for indoor and outdoor use at Home Depot in store and online. The recall governs devices sold in April and Oct. 2020 which are equipped with a remote control and a color-changing LED light. The fans are black, matte black, matte white and polished nickel.

There were 47 reports that the blades came off the body while the fan was in motion. In two of those cases, the blades hit someone. There was property damage in four other reports. Almost all the 200,000 fans were sold in this country while 9,000 were also sold in Canada.

The fan is defective because the fan flywheel and the locking clip for the blade allows the blade to become detached. Anyone who bought this fan should watch for movement in the blades when the fan is turned off. Consumers also need to look for uneven gaps between the blades and body or clip movement.

Dangers and risks

Even without defects, ceiling fans can pose risks. Doing it yourself installation may lead to injuries if it was done incorrectly or without insufficient knowledge. Faulty ceiling fans should be left off until there is a replacement correctly installed.

Because of its weight, a fan can drop on someone if it is installed incorrectly. When it is turned on, the fan’s rotational pull adds even more weight.

If the circuits are overloaded, electrical problems can cause injuries and damage. This is more likely in an older home which is less likely to be equipped for an increased electrical load. A ceiling fan can cause a fire in the bedroom, for example, and spread out of control before anyone is aware of it.

A person may suffer a blow in the head or elsewhere if ceiling fan blades detach. This can be more harmful when the fan is in use because there is a stronger impact when turning blades hit an object. Injuries caused by a blade may include a concussion, a fracture, or a broken bone.

An attorney can help gather evidence of products defects or dangers if you are from using it. They can help file a lawsuit for compensation and damages.