Car accidents often result in injuries or worse, fatalities – especially head-on collisions. For two drivers involved in a head-on collision earlier this week, this is not the case. One 22-year-old Tennessee woman is now facing charges regarding her driving into the opposite lane of traffic and causing a crash with a semi-truck early Tuesday morning.

Drivers going along Interstate 640 may have noticed the aftermath of the accident earlier on Tuesday of this week. It is reported that the woman driving into oncoming traffic had been going along the interstate at around 3:30 in the morning and close by Clinton Hwy. Luckily neither of the two drivers suffered any mentionable injuries and reportedly walked away safely. The young woman is facing multiple charges including, but not limited to DUI, reckless endangerment and one-way road violation. She was being held on a $2,000 bond as of Wednesday.

Her criminal charges could just be the beginning in this instance. While the truck driver didn’t sustain any serious injuries that we are aware of, should there be complications in the future, with their health or job, they may wish to seek out a civil case against the woman. Her alleged DUI status could make this case even more probable that, if she is conviced and should the other driver have any complications come up, they could make a claim against her.

Tennessee drivers who are out late at night or early morning would do well to be extra aware of the other drivers on the road as they may be driving home from an activity or event involving alcohol. This is true for any time of day, but being aware of your surroundings could help you in a dangerous situation. If you should find yourself in or have been involved in an accident similar to this one, but have sustained injuries, contacting an attorney could help you know your options and understand how you can move forward from this accident.

Source:, “Drivers escape injury following wrong way crash on I-640,” Brian Barger, Oct. 9, 2012

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