Car accidents that occur after people have been drinking are never something to take lightly, but it becomes much more tragic when there are children involved. One Nashville man was recently involved in a crash while allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. He was reportedly on Andrew Jackson Parkway when the crash occurred and his 10-year-old niece was in the vehicle with him.

The driver in this case is now facing charges from this crash and has reportedly admitted that he had been drinking alcohol and also had taken pain medication prior to driving. His niece suffered head trauma and was quickly taken to the hospital by the emergency medical team on site. It is expected that his niece will recover from her injuries, but it is unknown at this time what this man’s fate will be. The state of the other car’s driver is not reported on, but it is said that the man facing charges hit this other car while it was turning.

Due to the child’s head injury, her uncle may find himself involved in a personal injury case, depending how this girl’s parents feel. Along with her trauma, if the other driver has sustained any injuries or had passengers in their car who did, his charges might grow to several civil personal injury charges.

Understanding the laws surrounding driving under the influence in Tennessee and your area can help you to know when not to get behind the wheel. If you know someone who has been affected by drunk driving or in an accident due to a driver under the influence, contacting an experienced lawyer could help get some compensation for any injuries or trauma from the accident.

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