In Tennessee, DUI charges and convictions are treated seriously even if it is someone’s first offense. This is a technique that is usually implemented to discourage people from driving while under the influence in the first place.

Recently, a 37-year-old Tennessee man was arrested on DUI charges. He was driving southbound on the I-65 in the early morning. Authority reports state that he collided with the center wall after driving too close. The tractor trailer then went across the southbound highway lanes, traveling off of the road and into the highway. Though the man did not strike any other vehicles, he was taken to the county jail. It is unknown if he will be facing any additional charges.

However, penalties for first-time DUI accusations in Tennessee are not light and should be treated seriously. A person who is convicted can face between 48 hours to 11 months in jail, a year with a suspended license, and expensive fines that can reach up to $1,500. DUI charges will also stay on a person’s criminal record and can damage their ability to find jobs, especially if they are limited by being unable to drive. Some may believe that a first offense will result in less harsh penalties, or that the charges will not be as severe if no one else is involved. However, as this report highlights, that is not necessarily the case.

For these reasons, people who are facing any DUI charge may benefit from the guidance of an experienced attorney, even if it is their first offense.

Source: Glasgow Daily Times, “Tennessee man arrested for DUI after wreck on I-65,” Oct 2, 2015