If you think you are have seen more 18-wheelers appearing on Tennessee roads, you are not mistaken. The Commercial Carrier Journal recently stated that the transporting of freight is expected to increase through 2025. As the majority of goods are delivered by heavy trucks, this means that more of these big rigs are going to be sharing the road with you. However, one company thinks it has found a way to decrease the risk of a semi truck accident with a platooning technology.

ABC News stated that the technology gives heavy trucks the ability to talk to each other and gather information about the road and traffic conditions. The technology than controls the acceleration and braking systems of the trucks to accommodate those conditions. The data is gathered through sensors installed on the trucks and the system then analyzes the information to determine if it is safe for trucks to platoon.

The truck driver remains in full control of the semi and can turn off the platoon system at any time. If the conditions are right, the platoon technology enables the trucks to travel at the same speed and within close proximity of each other. In one recent demonstration on a busy interstate, the trucks remained 40 feet from each other and traveled at regular highway speeds. The trucks have also been tested with distances from 75 feet down to just 20 feet from each other.

The company who developed the platoon technology, Peloton Technology, states that the system will improve safety on American roads. The Nevada Highway Patrol, which oversaw the recent demonstration agrees as well as other experts on highway safety who have seen the technology in action.