Many teen motorists in Tennessee are not being as careful with their driving behaviors as they were when they first started driving. Many of them are growing careless over time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teen drivers are more at risk for car accidents because of certain risk factors, including a lack of experience, an inability to focus on the roads and the inability to make good driving judgments and maneuvers in hazardous driving situations.

Distracted-driving stemming from cellphone use is a major reason why students are becoming more careless with their driving behaviors, states Salon. For every 10 car wrecks that are medium to severe in nature, six teenage motorists were distracted. Many teenagers find it hard to ignore using their cellphones while they are behind the wheel.

Distracted teenage drivers who use their mobile devices at the time of incidents are unable to process their situations properly to maneuver safely to avoid collisions. Some of them feel overly confident in their driving abilities that they think that they can safely spare a few seconds to respond to texts, dial phone numbers and surf the internet.

Many states require teen motorists to grow through a several-step process to get their licenses. This process also limits the use of cellphones while they are driving. It also requires parents to monitor their driving behaviors so they can gain proper driving experience without endangering themselves or anyone else on the roads.

Careless driving amongst teens can be prevented with the right precautions, strict adherence to graduated driving regulations, traffic laws and supervision from parents.