Motorists who drive while they are under the influence in Tennessee are a major hazard for other drivers. New technology is being developed to prevent people from operating their cars and motorcycles while they are intoxicated. There are other ways motorists can deter themselves and others from operating their vehicles while they are inebriated. However, some people still insist on engaging in this dangerous behavior, regardless of how much it puts them and others at risk for accidents, injuries and even death.

According to USA Today, the number of DUI-related deaths that occur each year is 10,000. Using technology, researchers are working to equip vehicles with safety features that will accurately, precisely and quickly monitor the blood alcohol content of drivers from their skin surfaces and through their breath without them being aware.

Law enforcement and government officials are facing mounting pressure to approve the use of in-vehicle sensors to prevent drivers from driving drunk, states Time. This can be particularly beneficial for other motorists because it can help to keep repeat offenders and zero-tolerance drivers off the roads. Vehicle operation is no longer possible if the presence of alcohol is detected by the touch and breath-based sensors for motorists who are in zero tolerance programs. For regular motorists, the sensors will be programmed to monitor for the presence of a BAC that exceeds the legal limit of 0.08. Their vehicles will not start once that limit is reached.

Technology is not the only way to prevent drunk driving. Motorists should educate themselves on actions they can take to prevent it, such as choosing designated drivers, limiting their drinks and not drinking at all.