It is hard for motorists in Tennessee to avoid the temptation of incorporating social media into their everyday lives. With so many of them taking selfies while they are driving, it is not very surprising that distracted car incidents are on the rise. According to CNN, teenagers and young adult drivers and their passengers are the biggest perpetrators of this offense. They are not the only ones who are guilty of engaging in this type distracted driving behavior. Plane pilots, motorcyclists and boat operators are also taking selfies during the operations of their vehicles.

Social media is becoming an impairment to drivers, states Social Media Week. It leads to distracted driving which is now a leading cause of danger for motorists. Eating while behind the wheel is now considered a less risky form of distracted driving when compared to taking selfies. Every time a motorist uses their phone to take a picture of themselves, they double their risk of being involved in an accident. This behavior causes them to remove their focus and vision off the road for as little as two to three seconds, which is more than enough time for a pedestrian or vehicle to cross their path and a traffic light to change. As a result, many states are ramping up their enforcement procedures and creating stricter laws and civil and criminal penalties to combat distracted driving.

Drivers who are a part of the selfie trend should avoid using their cellphones and mobile devices until their vehicles are stopped and off the road. Consideration should be given to the safety of their passengers and all other motorists.