It is not uncommon for motorists in Tennessee to spend long hours on the road. Many drivers who do so are not aware that they are operating their vehicles while they are deprived of sleep. Drowsy driving is quickly becoming an epidemic. With the amount of traffic steadily increasing on the streets, many motorists are noticing that it takes them much longer to reach their destinations.

The impact of sleepy drivers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, sleepy drivers are responsible for up to 6,000 deaths. For every 25 motorists, one driver from that group drives while they are deprived of sleep. Many drivers are not able to accurately gauge when they are too tired to operate their vehicles safely. Others are simply trying to make it to where they need to go and may not care.

Many people used to perceive drowsy driving as a truck driver problem. However, people who have certain medical disorders like sleep apnea and those who work certain shifts also suffer from being too tired to drive, states Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc. There may also be other factors that contribute to people operating vehicles when they lack rest. Driving while one is sleep deprived is so risky that it presents the same amount of dangers as drunk driving.

Sleep deprivation affects driving skills

Sleep deprived driving, also known as drowsy driving can result in some serious consequences for everyone on the roads. Motorists who are not fully rested while they are operating their vehicles have slower reaction times. They are not able to process the information their eyes are receiving well enough to make good driving judgments. They are also not as alert and attentive to the road as they should be. In the event that nearby motorists are not paying attention, driving recklessly or engaging in some type of improper traffic offense, sleepy drivers are not able to maneuver their vehicles safely out of harm’s way to prevent injury to themselves or others.

Drivers should pay close attention to how they feel at all times while they are on the roads. Motorists who recognize when they are driving while fatigued and take appropriate actions to keep themselves and other drivers safe.