Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies in Tennessee and across the United States are cracking down on drunk driving, many people still feel confident enough to get behind the wheel of their car while intoxicated. These drivers pose dangers to everyone on the road, and they account for a high percentage of automobile accidents that involve serious injury or death. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a collision with a drunk driver is higher during holidays, and these accidents can cut a celebration very short. 

With St. Patrick’s Day just behind us, many people in Tennessee are facing drunk driving charges. The holiday is one of the biggest DUI holidays in the country. Last year alone, the Tennessee Highway Patrol arrested approximately 70 people for driving under the influence in the 72-hour holiday period. The state continues to make efforts to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road each year, though officials cannot keep everyone safe.

Many drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated are caught after they collide with other vehicles. It is not uncommon for these drivers to speed and even fail to take any evasive action at the time of the accident, which means the collisions can be particularly dangerous to other motorists. Innocent victims suffer injuries or even die in drunk accidents in Tennessee too often. The wrongdoing of impaired drivers can turn holidays into tragedies. 

If you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, it is important for you to understand your options and the potential for financial compensation. This is especially true if you have suffered serious injuries that result in extensive hospital bills. Exploring your opportunities with a personal injury lawyer is a simple step toward getting passed this stressful, painful time.

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