Texting and driving is a dangerous combination that can potentially kill someone. Some might think that sending text messages while behind the steering wheel won’t take much attention off of the road. However, the real deal as stated by a law enforcement liaison is that it takes more time for drivers to react while they are distracted while driving. Slow reaction time can lead to a car accident that might cause personal injury or even death.

The Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office reports that there are many young drivers involved in distracted driving accidents. Teenagers have died and will likely be hurt in future Tennessee car accidents that could have been prevented if drivers simply put proper focus on the roads, not on their phones. In response to the identified distracted driving dangers in the state, officials are using a different kind of technology in hopes of proving a safety point.

Driving simulators are being used among various Tennessee high schools to teach students about how dangerous it can be to drive while texting. The simulators mimic the experience of driving, complete with obstacles like pedestrians and dogs crossing the road. While driving using the simulator, the driver will be asked by the passenger to use a phone while also trying to keep the car from hitting any of the obstacles. One student claimed that he learned much about distracted driving because of the simulator that he would apply the lessons to real life. 

With the help of the simulator experience, students may avoid finding themselves, their friends or unsuspecting others in the hospital with distracted driving injuries. The traffic safety lesson to not text and drive, unfortunately, won’t get through to everyone. Someone who was hurt in a car accident should remember that they can pursue just compensation for any injuries suffered because of distracted, negligent driving.

Source: The Daily News Journal, “Crashes by young drivers rank fourth in Tennessee,” Michelle Willard, March 20, 2014