With the arrival of the holiday season in Tennessee comes an increase in road activity. More semi-truck drivers are on the roads than usual. Many of these vehicle operators are putting in longer hours so they can meet shipment deadlines and earn extra pay. However, there is a downside that many motorists are not aware of. The longer truck drivers spend on the roads, the greater their risk of car crashes and injuries. According to Safer America, there were 3,906 fatalities that occurred out of 338,000 truck crashes in 2013.

Many truck drivers are tired

Driving for long hours at a time can lead to fatigue and tiredness. Many big rig employers offer their employees incentives for meeting delivery and shipment deadlines ahead of time. Many truckers earn those rewards by driving without taking many or any rest stops. This often leads to them operating vehicles while they are partially aware and so exhausted that they are unable to make safe and sound driving decisions, states GaugeMagazine.com. They may also fail to notice signals and signs of driver intent from other motorists.

Speed and aggressive driving tactics

Some truckers tend to speed and use aggressive driving behaviors so they can reach their destinations on time. Their disregard for traffic rules, signs and the safety of other motorists can create hazardous situations on the road. Other drivers may misjudge their actions and try to compensate for them only to find themselves involved in big-rig accidents.

Truck drivers who are on the roads during the holidays should remember to drive with caution and full alertness. Motorists who are also on the streets should give special consideration to commercial vehicles so they can remain safe when they are around. Drivers should be prepared to drive defensively and to report any odd, improper and unsafe driving behaviors to authorities.