For many motorists in Tennessee, the holiday season is the perfect time to travel and go see friends and relatives. It is also the time of year when fatal motor vehicle accidents are at their highest. According to USA Today, the number of victims who died from car crashes around Thanksgiving was 436 in 2013. Almost 15 percent of the total fatalities that occurred during the month of November from 2006-2011 occurred around Thanksgiving.

Avoid speeding

Drivers should plan their travels carefully. They should allow for extra travel time so they do not end up rushing or speeding to get to their destinations. They should also remain mindful of speeding motorists. Instead of speeding up or engaging in aggressive driving behaviors in response to them, they should maneuver their vehicles safely out of harm’s way.

Pay attention to road conditions

The weather is usually wet, cold and full of snow during this time of year, leading to slick road conditions. Motorists should monitor the conditions on the roads at all times and adjust their speeds and maneuvers accordingly.

Honor traffic courtesies

There are some rules that many drivers abide by when they are on the roads. These courtesies include not passing on the right, moving to the right lane when they are driving too slow in the left lane and not blinding other motorists by turning off their high beams, states the National Motorists Association.

Hold off on the drinks

Drivers should avoid drinking and driving, especially during this time of year. Alcohol can lead to intoxication and negatively impact their ability to make safe judgments and driving actions. It can also lead to motor vehicle wrecks where fatality is a factor.

Fatal car accidents during the holiday season are preventable. Drivers who plan ahead and take preventative actions can reduce their risk of accidents and death.