Everyone knows that our highways and roadways can be dangerous. After all, the roads anywhere can be dangerous. But, no matter how dangerous we know the roads are, we likely do not expect to be involved in a police chase, let alone involved in an accident that results from one. Unfortunately, some locals are reeling from this very scenario.

The accident

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, this fatal vehicle accident Tuesday night after a police chase. Early in the day, THP alleged that the Sweetwater Police Department saw a van with a driver and passenger. From their reports, it is unclear what occurred in or around that van, but SPD classified it as a domestic disturbance.

When confronted by SPD, the driver and passenger fled, starting the police chase. The accident ended in Madisonville at New Highway 68 and Isabel Road, when the van collided with a bystander car. This caused the van to catch fire and roll over.


The driver was ejected. She died on the scene, and her passenger was seriously injured. The people in the bystander car were also seriously injured. They were taken to a nearby medical facilities, and the THP is still investigating the accident.


The occupants of the bystander car may have suffer life-changing injuries. They may even die as a result of their injuries. It was just a normal day for them, and they did not deserve to be part of this accident. But, due to the choices of the driver, and possibly the occupant as well, they have no other choice but try to heal. So, the question becomes, do the bystander occupants have recourse.

In a word, yes. The driver, and depending on what the police discover about the passenger, perhaps, even the passenger, are responsible for all of the bystander occupants’ damages, including their pain and suffering. Though, to ensure their rights are protected, they should contact a motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as they are medically able.