One might say that motorcyclists in Knoxville are already at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to staying safe on the road. The lack of protection offered by their bikes means that even in a minor collision, they could be at risk of suffering severe injuries. There are steps that motorcyclists may take to mitigate those risks (such as wearing a helmet and protective clothing), yet they also have to worry about inattentive motorists. It can be difficult to see motorcycles on the road, and despite extensive campaigns to increase awareness of motorcyclists, many drivers may still forget to do those simple things to make the road safer for all. 

Sadly, devastating consequences typically accompany collisions between motorcycles and vehicles. This fact was on full display following a motorcycle accident near Meigs County. Authorities believe that a driver pulled on to local highway from a private driveway without seeing a motorcycle approaching. The resulting collision between the two vehicles resulted in the motorcyclist (an Ooltewah resident) being thrown from his Harley Davidson. He died from injuries sustained in the collision. It was later reported that the motorist was not injured at all. 

The pain of losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident might be equaled only by the concern that may come from trying to figure out how to fill the emotional and financial voids he or she leaves behind (this coming after his or her family also having to pay potentially inordinate medical expenses). In such a scenario, family members may be left with little choice but to seek compensation from the responsible parties. An experienced attorney may be a valuable asset to consult with when working to secure such compensation.