Tennessee is one of dozens of states that ban texting while driving. A handful of states also ban the use of cellphones at all, and now the National Transportation and Safety Board wants to ban all electronic devices altogether. At least, that’s its recommendation for all U.S. states.

The board urged the ban this week, arguing that it could save lives and prevent car accidents. While the NTSB does not technically have the authority to enforce such a ban, its recommendations are followed much of the time.

According to Volunteer TV’s website, one crash that prompted the recommendation occurred in another state last year. More than three dozen people were injured in the wreck, and two people were killed, after a teenage driver texted 11 times immediately beforehand.

The NTSB also reportedly recommended banning all digital devices, including hands-free headsets. It notes that GPS systems and even the radio can be major distractions for a driver.

Even though there are laws against texting in Tennessee, one state trooper says that he sees people using cellphones while driving every day. However, he also thinks that laws discouraging cellphone use have caused some people to stop using them while driving.

One Tennessee driver says that he thinks the ban is a good idea, and that enforcement is important. When there’s a law against something, he tells Volunteer TV, “it’s common sense not to do it.”

What do you think of the ban? Will it help curb serious accidents?

Source: Volunteer TV, “NTSB: Ban all personal electronics for drivers,” Heather Haley, Dec. 14, 2011