The massive pileup in the midst of intense freezing fog made headlines in Tennessee earlier this month. The crash, which involved 50 vehicles, left two people dead and over a dozen injured. Now, the Tennessee Department of Transportation is saying it’s looking at safety enhancements to improve the section of limited-access highway where the huge car accident took place.

Visibility was terrible along Vietnam Veterans Boulevard the morning of the crash due to the weather. There were slippery spots on an elevated portion of the road, and vehicles began crashing into each other in the eastbound lanes of traffic.

One man died after his car went under the back of a tractor trailer truck. Another injured motorist died after managing to drive himself to a hospital.

According to the Republic, state transportation officials are considering using an electronic message board that could alert drivers of possible dangers a few miles before a treacherous stretch of road. A spokesperson for Tennessee Department of Transportation says they will also consider additional warning lights or signs in the crash area.

A review of the crash found that emergency workers’ response was adequate. Unfortunately, when the weather gets bad, sometimes not much can be done to improve conditions. That’s when it’s important for motorists to slow down and drive cautiously to avoid accidents.

Freezing fog is particularly dangerous since it greatly reduces visibility and results in slick spots. It’s always better to slow down if there’s any question about the conditions of the road.

Source: The Republic, “TDOT will look at safety enhancements to highway where 2 died in 50-car collision this month,” Dec. 14, 2011