Tenessee vehicle owners may need to exercise caution as more than 2,529 Nissan NV200s from the 2013 model year were being recalled by the automaker’s North American division. Concern that a car accident could result from the crossovers stalling out in traffic due to a battery terminal fuse blowing led to the recall, which affected vehicles manufactured in 2013 between February and August. Information about the Nissan action was reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The safety agency said that the problem stemmed from the routing of a wiring harness in the engine of the affected NV200s. That routing, which connects the battery fuse terminal to the fusible link, could possibly wear through its protective coating, the NHTSA reported. Should those exposed wires touch the bracket holding the fusible link, a short circuit could possibly be created. This would force the fuse to blow, stopping the fuel pump, which would cause the car to stall out. Should this happen in traffic, the NHTSA concluded, a collision could result.

Despite the potential for an auto accident, a Nissan spokesman said, no injuries or accidents caused by the issue had been reported. Starting in the middle of December 2013, mechanics at Nissan dealers would reposition the wiring assembly and recoat the wires with their protective covering.

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Source: Auto World News, “Nissan Recall: 2,500 2013 NV200 vehicles called back over stalling issues“, Matt Mercuro, December 02, 2013