Those individuals who suffer catastrophic injuries have a hard road ahead of them. The physical pain and limitations can be stressful and frustrating, making even the simplest of everyday tasks nearly impossible. In addition, these individuals also often have to contend with enormous medical expenses and costs related to rehabilitation and sometimes in-home care. When looked at in its totality, then, catastrophic injuries, such as those that affect the brain and spinal cord, can be devastating, leaving victims fearful of what the future looks like for them.

Something that may give these victims hope is the fact that medical advances are constantly being made in fields that treat brain and spinal cord injuries. For example, one product being tested in a trial phase is a headset that picks up electrical impulses from the brain and transmits them to the hand. Therefore, the product can help stimulate movement in individuals who have been paralyzed or suffer incomplete motor function.

There are likely similar products in the works, which could be big news for spinal cord injury sufferers. To start, these products and their advancements may lead to meaningful movement that can allow these individuals to reclaim massive parts of their lives. Additionally, since the headset discussed above can be created with a 3D printer, victims might have the option of recovering from their injury at home rather than being stuck in a hospital. This can significantly reduce costs and increase comfort. These kinds of products will be portable, too, unlike bulky medical equipment found in hospitals, meaning that users can exercise more freedom and limit the effects of their condition.

While these products may not be widely available yet, it’s really only a matter of time before they are in some form or fashion. But in the meantime, there are steps these victims can take to try to bring themselves comfort and ease the pain of their financial, emotional, and physical losses. One way is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible for their injury. To learn more about how to best go about doing that, victims can reach out to a legal advocate who knows how to build a case that seeks to impose liability and recover compensation.