Motorcycle drivers are sometimes at greater risk for a fatality after crashing than other motor vehicle drivers, and no matter how cautious a driver is, accidents still happen. The identity of one Tennessee motorcyclist has been discovered in the wake of his death. Late Saturday evening the man in question was reportedly driving down Donelson Pike on his motorcycle – a 1996 Honda – when his vehicle collided with an SUV – a 2003 Cadillac. He was taken to the hospital and didn’t live much longer.

Police say they don’t believe there was any alcohol or substances involved in the crash and that the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. Even though there are bumper stickers out there telling drivers to watch for motorcyclists and the bike drivers know ways to ride safely, it can be very difficult to survive a motorcycle crash, especially when the other automobile is an SUV.

Driving on the road with other vehicles can be problematic for motorcyclists, as they are seen less and often in blind spots. Practicing awareness as a motorcycle driver and as any other kind of driver can help stop accidents before they happen. In some tragic cases, however, when a driver of a bike is hurt or killed in a collision, there may be compensation for the injured or their family.

Tennessee drivers would do well to look into the motor vehicle laws in their area and see what their rights are. If you have been in a motorcycle accident or know someone who has, seeking legal counsel to learn about how to proceed, especially in a wrongful death case, could help move the healing process along and provide support for those affected by the accident.

Source: The Tennessean, “Motorcyclist killed in Donelson Pike collision is identified,” Nancy DeVille, Oct. 1, 2012