Whether you are a pedestrian, a passenger or a driver, letting your attention stray even for a moment when you are on the road can result in an accident. The volume of vehicles on the roads, especially at busy times of day, means that you need to be alert and aware at all times. Nevertheless, an automobile accident can happen at any time, and one person’s mistake can create a domino effect with repercussions for anyone else in the vicinity.

Knoxville’s Interstate 75 saw a large-scale accident involving half a dozen vehicles. The pileup resulted in the closure of two lanes of the road. Half of the vehicles involved were big trucks, a fact that may have contributed to the scale of the accident, as the sheer size of such vehicles results in much greater damage during a crash.

On some level, the drivers and passengers involved in the accident were fortunate. There were no fatalities, and only one individual was taken into medical care, having sustained minor injuries. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with such accidents, and this crash could easily have resulted in significant injuries.

When people are injured as a result of a car accident, worries about broken bones and brain trauma often supersede financial concerns initially. However, the cost of dealing with medical bills and any damage to vehicles can soon mount up.

Residents of Tennessee may find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the state’s legislation surrounding such accidents. This will enable them to understand what they are entitled to in the event of an automobile-related injury. Such matters should be considered carefully so that all parties receive the care and compensation that they deserve. 

Source: wate.com, “One sent to the hospital after I-75 pileup in Knoxville,” Feb. 14, 2014