Drowsing driving accidents are a very common occurrence in Knoxville. Motorists are not the only ones who fall asleep while they are operating their vehicles. Many bikers often become sleepy while they are on the roads. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, 72,000 motor vehicle accidents were caused by sleepy motorists. Drowsy driving accidents can occur at any time. But they are more likely to occur during the early morning and late evening.

It is not always possible for other motorists to know when a biker is too tired to operate his or her vehicle safely. Drowsiness is often caused by inadequate sleep, side effects of medications and intoxication. Many signs of drowsy driving mimic the symptoms of intoxication. Motorcyclists who drive while tired face the risk of serious injuries. Common signs of drowsy riding include driving too closely to other motorists, drifting between lanes, not stopping in time to avoid collisions, delayed reactions times and reduced awareness.

The feeling of drowsiness can happen fast. Many motorists are not aware that they are too tired to drive until they collide into other vehicles. Even though 97 percent of drivers and bikers are aware of how dangerous operating vehicles while sleepy is, they still do it, states Gas2.org. Bikers should avoid riding if they are not able to get enough rest and feel themselves losing focus on the roads.

Drowsy driving is preventable. Motorists should take frequent rest stops if they plan to drive more than 100 miles at a time. They should plan their routes and leave early so they have sufficient time to make it to their destinations on time.