Motorcyclists face a number of dangers that drivers do not. This is because of how exposed they are, and how small their vehicle is in comparison to the vehicles that are usually around them on the road.

Because of this, blind spots are often a big fear for motorcyclists. Not all drivers check properly while they are doing a lane change. Even if they do a safe lane change, it is possible that a motorcyclist is simply in the driver’s blind spot and the driver is not able to see them before making the lane change. Accidents like this can result in severe injury to the motorcyclist, and though it is not the motorcyclist’s fault, they could still become grievously injured over someone else’s mistake.

Injuries that can occur from a blind spot-induced collision can be excruciating to deal with. They may even be permanent, or deadly in some cases. Injuries can include traumatic spinal cord, neck or brain damage. Broken bones may also occur, as well as a broken back which can lead to paralysis. Road rash or road burn is also common. This is the name for the severe abrasions or lacerations that can occur when a rider’s bare skin makes contact with the pavement and is dragged long enough to get a “burn”.

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