There was a recent accident along a Knoxville highway, and a motorcyclist lost a life. Unfortunately, accidents involving motorcycles are common, and motorcycle riders receive the majority of injuries and fatalities.

Either motorcyclists or motorists can be at fault when accidents occur, and there are some safety tips both parties can follow to reduce crash risk.

Accident on I-40 kills motorcycle rider

According to the Knox News, around 9 pm on June 2nd, a motorcycle crashed into the back of a passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, the rider was dead by the time help arrived. No one else suffered from injuries due to the crash.

Motorcycle accident stats

According to the National Safety Council, there has been a 200% increase in motorcycle deaths over the last 20 years. Even though only 3% of registered vehicles are motorcycles, they account for 14% of all traffic-related fatalities. 91% of those who die are male, and 28% of fatalities involve alcohol use.

Safety tips

Although investigators have not released more details about who was at fault for the Knoxville crash, the NSC reports that it is usually the driver of a motor vehicle who maneuvers into the path of a motorcycle. This is often because motorists do not think about motorcycles on the road, and they are more difficult to see due to their size and narrow profile.

Drivers should do a better job of looking for motorcycles, but the riders of motorcycles also can do their part. They should wear reflective and bright clothing to increase visibility. They should also ride defensively, stay out of other vehicles’ blind spots and avoid weaving into lanes. Motorcyclists can also reduce more serious injuries by wearing a helmet, ankle-high boots and durable clothing.