Bicycle accidents occur at various times, from the early morning hours to the nighttime and on different days of the week. However, the risk of an accident is especially high during certain periods. For example, many bicyclists are involved in accidents on the weekend.

For starters, many people ride their bikes on the weekend when they do not have to work. Moreover, some ride for very long distances when they have the entire day off. If you regularly ride your bicycle during the weekend, or at any time, watch out for reckless drivers and various hazards.

Risk factors

On the weekend, many drivers like to go on road trips, increasing the odds of driver fatigue, speeding and unfamiliarity with the road. All of these factors make drivers more likely to collide with bicyclists and many lives are lost every year as a result of driver errors and negligence. Often, major events occur on the weekend, which sometimes result in chaotic and unusual traffic. Bicyclists are especially vulnerable when traffic becomes hectic.

Recovering from a wreck

When a bicycle accident takes place, it is crucial for victims to have a firm understanding of their legal options. Many are able to secure crucial financial resources by taking their case to court and holding the driver who caused the accident accountable. However, the correct approach to a lawsuit is pivotal. If you are trying to decide whether legal action is a smart move or you want to learn more about your rights, make sure you carefully evaluate your circumstances. Our law firm covers many other topics related to accident injuries and options available to many victims.