A June 19 motorcycle accident in Bellevue left a 64-year-old man dead, police stated. Reportedly, the incident took place on Highway 70 near the Old Hickory Boulevard intersection at approximately 12:25 p.m.

Police stated that the 64-year-old man was traveling on a 2007 Harley Davidson in the eastbound lanes of Highway 70 when a pickup truck towing a utility trailer made a turn directly into the path of the motorcycle. The subsequent collision propelled the 64-year-old man from his motorcycle. Authorities said he died at the accident scene.

The driver of the truck, a 35-year-old man, was driving without a valid driver’s license, allegedly. Police charged him with failure to exercise due care and driving without a license. Furthermore, police said the investigation into the crash is ongoing.

If further investigation into this case were to confirm that the accident was the result of negligent driving, the driver responsible for that actionable behavior may be held accountable for the fatal crash not just criminally but also in civil court. For, people who suffer damages as a result of accidents caused by negligent drivers may be entitled to restitution via civil action.

As this particular case illustrates, a motorcycle accident can have calamitous results, including fatal injuries. When that is the case, certain family members of the deceased victim may retain a wrongful death attorney and file suit, seeking financial compensation for the damages they suffered as a result of the fatal accident. If successful, claimants in a wrongful death suit may receive compensation for the expenses associated with their loved one’s funeral services, burial and estate administration. Moreover, they might be awarded restitution for lost earnings if the decedent had contributed income to the family household prior to death.

Source: WSMV, “Police identify motorcyclist killed in Bellevue crash“, Kara Apel, June 19, 2014