Although motorcycles are a practical and thrilling mode of transportation for some Tennessee residents, motorcyclists are vulnerable when sharing the road with larger vehicles. According to Discovery News, motorcyclists should not only know how to safely operate a motorcycle, but they should understand the limitations of a motorcycle and how to react in certain hazardous situations. The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security offers a motorcycle rider education program that is designed to educate motorcyclists on these very topics. The program also helps people through the motorcycle licensing process.

The motorcycle safety program groups people with similar skill levels together by offering two courses, including a class for new motorcyclists and one for advanced riders. The beginning class focuses on basic rider training through group discussion and actual riding experience. The advanced class enables riders to learn new techniques, practice their skills and further improve their safety on the road. Each course is taught by certified instructors who provide students with all the training materials they will need to use during the class.

Students who register for either class must come prepared with safety gear that they will need to participate. These items include an approved helmet, long pants, a long sleeved shirt or jacket, leather gloves, shoes that extend over the ankle and eye protection. Motorcycles are provided to participants for use on the Advanced Rider Course, as well as for basic safety training.

Taking a motorcycle safety course is a must for people who are new to biking, are more experienced bikers or are simply interested in purchasing a motorcycle. By understanding the critical topics covered in these courses, bikers may be able to avoid a catastrophic motorcycle accident in the future.