Many motorcycle riders do not realize how much a single accident can change their lives. Many of them feel like they are invincible while they are riding on the streets and toss safety to the wind. Some of them do not believe that a car accident is not the only type of incident that can result in spinal cord and brain trauma, paralysis and death. Motorcycle accidents in Knoxville often lead to brain damage, disability and death too. 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, the number of motorcyclists who were injured in crashes during 2015 was 88,000. Bikers are more likely to sustain serious injuries than minor ones because their vehicles lack structures that can offer protection against collisions and impact. When riders do not wear helmets, their chances of sustaining long-term spinal cord and brain damage increase. 

Brain and spinal trauma are often long-lasting 

Not all motorcycle accident victims show obvious signs of brain injuries. Many people who have them look and function normally. Riders who sustain brain trauma may experience memory loss, changes in their personalities and perception, states CNN. The presence of a traumatic brain injury is not easy for some victims to prove because the symptoms are not always obvious and permanent. Individuals who suffer from spinal cord damage and brain trauma often need medical care, rehabilitation and support for the rest of their lives. Some of them lose mobility in their lower extremities, become permanently disabled and die. 

There is no way for anyone to know how minor or serious their injuries will be in a crash until after it happens. To alleviate much of the uncertainty and risk of life-changing injuries, motorcyclists should remember to make safety a top priority when they ride. They should also use safety gear and helmets.