Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious and even life-threatening injuries to those involved, though the involvement of semi-trucks escalates the threat to all parties involved. A truck accident can result from several circumstances, from negligence on the part of the driver to a mechanical malfunction in the vehicle. No matter the cause of the accident, motorists who suffer injuries in these accidents should be aware of their rights and the opportunities available to help them obtain help for their circumstance.

In Montgomery County, one person is critically injured after a multiple-vehicle collision involving a semi-truck. The accident began after a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper pulled over to investigate a vehicle that had crashed into a ditch after leaving the road on I-24. While the trooper was investigating, a multivehicle accident occurred near the trooper’s position. The trooper was hit but fortunately has since been treated by the hospital and released. 

According to the initial report, a semi-truck ran into a tow truck in the accident, and two other cars were involved. The driver of the tow truck suffered serious injuries as the result of the collision, and he was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center for treatment. Police report that the driver of one of the cars may have slowed down to unsafe speeds while passing the trooper. The driver of the car and the driver of the tractor trailer may face charges for their involvement in the accident.

Injuries suffered during a car accident can result in expensive medical bills, missed time at work and long term pain and suffering. Motorists injured by a tractor trailer may be entitled to a settlement to help them work through the difficult time. Understanding Tennessee law is the first step toward achieving a suitable outcome. 

Source: WZTV Nashville, “Tow Truck Driver Critically Injured in Officer-Involved Accident in Montgomery County,” May 9, 2014