The loss of a loved one in a car accident is always difficult. In addition to the pain associated with losing someone special, friends and relatives must take care of hospital bills, funeral expenses and several other concerns. To help people find their way through this troubling time, it is possible for them to pursue a wrongful death case. This takes into account the nature of the accident and assigns liability to one or more parties.

In Anderson County, one person is dead after a collision between a pickup truck and a semitruck. The accident occurred around 6 a.m. on Edgemoor Road. A pickup truck apparently collided head-on with a semitruck on the road resulting in the death of one person. Police were conducting an investigation to determine the nature of the accident and its cause. An initial eyewitness report suggested the driver of the pickup lost control of the vehicle.

Fatal accidents can happen very quickly on the road, and there are many different factors that can play a role. It may the result of negligence by another driver on the road, or it may be the result of a mechanical malfunction in a vehicle. In the accident on Edgemoor, it is possible the driver of the vehicle experienced a problem with his pickup that caused him to lose control.

No matter how an accident comes about, it is important for those associated with a victim to pursue an appropriate outcome for the case. Understanding Tennessee law and the options available to friends and relatives of the deceased is the first step toward obtaining the compensation needed to navigate the difficult time.

Source: Local 8, “Edgemoor Road reopens following fatal accident,” May 14, 2014