We rely on companies to make good products safely for consumers and neighbors alike. Tennessee has seen some dangerous product lawsuits over the years, but one of the state’s largest liabilities may be industrial interference in its precious water resources.

A Lawrence County woman is suing a major office and industrial supply company, claiming its leadership knew that it was dumping cancer-causing waste chemicals into the Tennessee River in Decatur, just to the east of her home. The woman was diagnosed with kidney cancer and believes it was caused by the company’s irresponsible waste disposal.

The two chemicals in question are used to create nonstick surfaces, a process involving many hazardous tools. The lawsuit states they were dumped into the river’s water and bed sludge for more than 35 years. Even if the practice was stopped, environmental watchdogs still claim millions of pounds of contaminants still enter the Tennessee River every year.

The local municipal water authorities later responded by installing carbon filters to trap the chemicals before they entered drinking water. Progress was noted on water bills to be shared with clients. The plaintiff also named these authorities as defendants, to which they responded they were victims of the company and its practice as much as she was.

Victims of unsafe products, poor commercial practices and other violations of law or trust may consider a lawsuit to claim suitable financial damages and get a harmful practice stopped before it hurts more people. An attorney can help create, file and pursue such a case for one or more people looking for justice.