It is illegal to drive without a seat belt. Tennessee participates in the Click It Or Ticket campaign designed to get more drivers to wear their seat belts. This is due to the fact that an already dangerous car accident can potentially be made lethal due to a lack of seat belts.

This may be the case with one recent fatal accident. The accident occurred on Tuesday morning and is still currently under investigation. Accident reports state that the vehicle in question ended up flipping about 7 times after making an overcorrection on the freeway. The truck reportedly began to shift to the left side of I-75 before it was overcorrected.

The driver of the truck, a 46 year old man, was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident. It was reported that he was ejected from the vehicle at some point, though it is not yet clear at what point in the accident the ejection occurred.

As the investigation is still underway, there is no solid proof to determine why the accident occurred or why it was fatal. However, it is a known statistic that wearing a seat belt cuts down on fatalities in the case of accidents, as it prevents those who wear it from being ejected during impact.

Reminding loved ones to buckle their seat belt is a way of showing care. Anyone who has dealt with a loved one being in an accident without a seat belt understands what a difference this one action can make.

Source:, “Man identified in fatal I-75 crash,” June 9, 2015