Crash reconstruction is a common part of court cases that involve accidents, especially ones in which there were not many outside witnesses who were able to view and report the accident. But how does crash reconstruction fit into a case?

When an accident occurs and there are not many people around to witness it, crash reconstruction specialists are often called on in court. It is the job of these certified professionals to reconstruct an accident based on the physical evidence that they have, and possible some eye witness accounts, as well as the accounts of people in the vehicles at the time of the accident. ACTAR, the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, is the organization responsible for handing accreditation to professional accident reconstruction specialists. Once they have been accredited by ACTAR, they are legally allowed to be called on as a witness in court.

There are many different factors of an accident that reconstruction specialists look at beyond witness reports. The history of the drivers, the model and history of the car, the scene of the accident and more are all inspected closely. Their job is to be as thorough at investigating as possible. While their word is not necessarily law, it can have a heavy weight to it when they testify in court. This is why they are so important to accident related court cases.

Reconstruction specialists can change the course of an accident-related court case. Their importance is not exaggerated, so anyone who has been in an accident before should be prepared for the possibility of crash reconstruction coming into play in their case.