It’s important to look out for vehicles that may be merging onto a highway. Doing so can prevent serious car or motorcycle accidents. You would think that vehicles with flashing lights would be hard to miss, but a Knoxville motorist nearly ran over two policemen on motorcycles, causing them to crash. Now authorities are searching for the driver.

According to WBIR, the Knoxville Police Department says that earlier this week, two motorcycle patrol officers tried to merge onto the Interstate 140 ramp when a speeding vehicle nearly took them out. The officers had to swerve to avoid being run over and ended up crashing down onto the pavement. One report also indicates the motorcycles crashed into each other.

The speeding vehicle just kept going without bothering to stop.

One of the policemen suffered minor injuries, including cuts and scratches, and was treated at a nearby clinic. The other was taken to UT Medical Center. His condition wasn’t clear, but it was reported that his injuries were not life threatening.

Both officers were wearing helmets as they rode the Harley Davidson motorcycles. They also had their emergency lights flashing. The Knoxville Police believe that the speeding vehicle was a small gray car, most likely a Honda Civic. Officers were reportedly looking for the vehicle as investigators tried to reconstruct the accident.

Any driver should have the decency to stop if they cause an accident. The driver in this case could face serious charges, if he or she is located.

Source: WBIR, “KPD looking for car that caused crash that injured 2 officers,” Taz Painter, April 3, 2012