Summertime marks the beginning of longer days, warmer temperatures, more social events and drunk driving. Many people in Knoxville are so caught up in hanging out with their friends, partying and enjoying themselves at events around town that they fail to consider how their alcohol consumption can affect their driving skills. According to, “motorists are twice as likely to die from car accidents during the summer than any other time of the year.” Many of those accidents are the result of alcohol and drug use and distractions. 

Here are some ways people can keep themselves and their friends from driving drunk and injuring others. 

Choose a designated driver 

Anyone who plans to go out for some summertime fun should choose a designated driver. That person should not drink any alcoholic beverages. They should also keep an eye on friends who decide to drink so they can discourage them from drinking to the point of intoxication. If a designated driver is not available, they should use a ride share service, taxi or public transportation to travel. 

Limit their drinks 

Many intoxicated people do not keep track of the number of drinks they consume. They may not understand that buzzed driving is just as deadly as drunk driving. All it takes is for a person to consume one alcoholic beverage for their driving abilities and safety to be affected, states 

Drunk driving accidents are completely preventable when motorists recognize the dangers and adjust their actions to prevent them. Drivers who are at risk of accidents and injuries from crashes with drunk drivers should also encourage their friends not to drink and drive.