One of the most common causes of car accidents in Knoxville is drowsy driving. You should learn how to avoid drowsy driving to increase your safety on the roads. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every month, one out of every 25 motorists drive when they are tired. It is a growing epidemic that affects everyone on the streets. Each year, hundreds of people lose their lives to this type of incident while thousands of others sustain mild to severe injuries from them. Many motorists who end up driving while fatigued do not plan to do it. Feelings of tiredness usually develop during the course of their travels.

Get rest

Drivers who plan to be on the roads for a long period of time should make sure they get enough rest before they leave. Even with rest, motorists should plan frequent rest stops into their journeys so they can stop, stretch and relieve themselves so they can feel more alert before they continue on. Drivers who are experiencing difficulty staying awake should eat and drink lots of fluid to fuel their bodies. “Some drivers may benefit from using caffeinated beverages for a short-term energy boost”, states

Avoid alcohol

Anyone who plans to drive should avoid alcohol. Even motorists who plan to be on the roads for a long period of time should steer of alcohol and any medications or substances that may interfere with their alertness. People who are driving while tired already have reduced response times. When alcohol becomes a factor, their levels of alertness and driving skills become more affected.

Drivers who understand the dangers of drowsy driving can take steps to avoid and protect themselves, their passengers and other drivers. Their preventative actions can decrease the number of sleepy driving car accidents that occur.