Driving is an exercise of cooperation, where one must be prepared to pay attention to other people while they are simultaneously paying attention to their own driving and situation. It is therefore important to learn the concept of sharing the road.

One important thing is for other, larger vehicles to remain aware of the fact that they should be sharing the road with smaller vehicles, including motorcyclists. According to the Traffic Safety Marketing administration, motorcyclists face a number of dangers that other drivers don’t face due to the small size of their mode of transportation and the fact that it is not as well protected as a fully covered car, truck or van. Sharing the road means that drivers should be mindful and alert while on the road with motorcycles.

The aim of “sharing the road” is to try raising awareness that the road is a place where all drivers must keep an eye out for each other. This is not only for self-protective safety reasons, but it is also to help other drivers, including motorcyclists, remain safe while they are riding. Sharing the road can include:

  •          Keeping an eye out for motorcyclists who are riding between lanes
  •          Making sure not to turn suddenly and checking both ways thoroughly
  •          Giving motorcyclists a wide enough berth on the road

By doing these things, the chances of an accident happening could be decreased, which is good for everyone involved. The additional safety measures could help keep all drivers just a little less likely to be involved in an accident.