Some Tennessee residents may have heard about a deadly car accident that took place at the Walt Disney World Speedway on April 12. A 36-year-old man who worked as an operations manager at the Florida park was killed while riding in the passenger seat of a Lamborghini. The deceased man began working at the Speedway in 2001.

The fatal car accident took place at the Exotic Driving Experience section of the Walt Disney World Speedway. The driver of the vehicle, a 24-year-old man, reportedly lost control and drove into a guardrail. Both of the occupants of the car had seat belts on when the crash occurred. According to police, the exact cause of the accident is being investigated.

Although the Exotic Driving Experience is located on Disney property, Petty Holdings LLC operates the attraction. Guests of both the Exotic Driving Experience and the Richard Petty Driving Experience are allowed to drive or ride in performance vehicles and NASCAR racing cars at high speeds around a racetrack. Following the fatal crash, representatives of both Walt Disney World and Petty Holdings expressed their sympathy for the people involved in the accident.

Those who have suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident that took place at a racetrack may want to speak to an attorney. After an accident like this, there may be other parties who bear responsibility for injuries besides the driver. An attorney might help victims to determine who is liable for their injuries and pursue a lawsuit seeking damages on their behalf.

Source: Huffington Post, “1 Dead In Accident At Walt Disney World Speedway,” Ed Mazza, April 12, 2015