When most people in the Knoxville area think about car crashes, they immediately think about the incidents that involve other motorists. Very few of them realize that not all accidents are the direct cause of another person’s negligence. Sometimes, motor vehicle wrecks occur because of wildlife in the area. Each year, thousands of people are injured and more than 200 people die in motor vehicle accidents that involve deer and wildlife, states Geico.com. 

Many car accidents caused by deer and animals are preventable. Motorists should think before they react and make errors that impact their safety and that of other drivers. Distractions are a common reason why many of these accidents happen. Drivers who are distracted are not capable of spotting wildlife on the roads in time, so they can make the right driving decisions to avoid them. Instead, they panic, overact and jerk their vehicles into oncoming traffic and other motorists without looking first. 

Drivers should also follow all posted traffic signs, especially in areas that have frequent deer sightings They should drive slower and use their high beams in areas where there is less visibility and be prepared to apply their brakes when they see wildlife. According to Wate.com, drivers should be extra cautious when driving on the roads, especially during the evening and early morning hours. Deer and other seasonal wildlife creatures are more likely to be out, searching for food, shelter and mates. 

With the proper precautions, motorists can avoid collisions with animals and prevent the loss of life.