When car accidents happen in Knoxville, many people do not realize how much of a risk they pose to children. Kids under the age of 15 are more likely to die from unintentional injuries they sustain from car accidents, states NYTimes.com. There are many factors that contribute to their deaths during motor vehicle wrecks. But the most primary reason children are at risk of dying in car accidents is the improper use of seat belts. 

Here is a brief overview on fatal car accidents involving children. 

Factors that contribute to childhood car accident deaths 

Young children must wear seatbelts, be properly restrained in approved car seats and ride in the rear seats of vehicles so they can stay safe when car accidents occur. When drivers fail to check their young passengers to ensure they are properly restrained, their risk of injury and death skyrocket tremendously. According to a recent study on NPR.org, the car accident fatality rate for children who were not sitting in child restraint systems, the back seats of cars and wearing seatbelts was 43 percent.

Motorists can help lower the fatality rate for kids who are involved in car accidents by making sure their young passengers are sitting in the right areas of their vehicles. They should learn their local child safety restraint laws to ensure they are following them. Drivers should also double check their young companions’ seat belts and car seats to ensure they are properly secure before they get behind the wheel. Other ways they can protect their young passengers include driving defensively, avoiding distractions, staying focused on the roads and avoiding aggressive and drunk drivers.