Drivers in Tennessee face the same risks as those in other states when it comes to driving on busy highways and roads in poor weather conditions. Few expect for tragedy to strike when the weather is nice, they are obeying the law and they are driving safely. Unfortunately, accidents can happen because of the poor decisions of one driver and leave a family suffering and in pain because of an accident.

According to Fox 13, a middle-aged man was traveling with an eight-year-old child and a 12-year-old child on a Tuesday afternoon on a state highway. As the vehicle stopped to make a left turn, a second vehicle, driven by another man, failed to stop and struck the turning vehicle. This caused a chain of events that started with the first vehicle hitting the median and overturning on the highway. Eventually, the vehicle ended up in the southbound lane facing north.

All three individuals in the first vehicle were hurt in the accident. The 12-year-old boy died at the scene and although the current condition of the driver and the other passenger are not currently known, both were seriously injured in the accident. The driver of the second vehicle escaped the accident without any injuries and it is not immediately clear if he will face any charges related to the tragic, fatal crash.

While law enforcement officials offered no immediate reason for the accident, those in the first vehicle are facing recovery from a serious accident and preparing to bury the young boy. As they work to grieve their loss, repair their property and pay medical expenses, they may benefit from consulting a personal injury attorney to discuss possible options once the investigation into the accident is complete.