The electric scooter phenomenon has been sweeping into major American cities for a few years now. With shared scooters entering Knoxville on a one-year pilot run, citizens of the city may be excited to take part in the fun.

Though scooter companies like Zagster and VeoRide believe that shared electric scooters provide an eco-friendly alternative for commuting in the city, you may see many riders and tourists jumping on the scooters just for the joy of the ride. While many may enjoy the new amenity, there are concerns for public safety that accompany the fun.

Street safety and scooters

Electric scooters can travel up to 15 miles per hour. If a rider is struck by a motor vehicle, the injuries could be severe. Furthermore, drivers will have to adjust to the presence of these scooters on the road, which may cause an increase in accidents. This will be a concern especially for the city of Knoxville, which has made the provision that scooter users will not be able to ride on sidewalks.

Scooter malfunction is also a safety concern for those who plan on using the new scooters. Shared scooters, like other rental equipment, may have suffered misuse and vandalism from previous users. It is unclear how often the scooter companies may be able to perform maintenance on their vehicles.

Liability and scooter accidents

As these scooters are brand new to Knoxville, personal injury cases involving them may have complicated and potentially contentious legal implications. Be careful not to be reckless when testing out the new scooters to minimize your chances of experiencing an accident.