Tennessee motorcyclists have likely considered what they might do if they get into a situation that requires quick braking. Will you be able to stop in time? Will you end up skidding or falling from your bike? These are all reasonable questions. Fortunately, correct braking can actually keep you safe and lower your chances of crashing, rather than add to them.

According to Road Guardians, a lot of braking-related incidents can be prevented through proper braking techniques. A number of accidents happen because motorcyclists treat their brakes the same way they might treat car brakes.

With a car, you’re taught that it’s important to press on the pedal harder for more braking traction. This isn’t the case with motorcycles, whose brakes have a completely different design. The rear brake can be used for gradual or slow stops without any issues. Unfortunately, a slow stop isn’t going to be in the cards if you’re thrown into a situation where you have seconds to keep yourself from crashing.

The front brake being applied softly can cause the same issues. This generally tends to occur because of the fear that heavy use of the front brake will cause a rider to flip over the handlebars. Front wheel braking can actually be dangerous if applied too quickly, as it can cause the front wheel to skid or the steering to lock up.

Essentially, moderation of the brakes is key when it comes to preventing an accident or stopping on a dime. You will even likely be able to keep your bike upright if you apply the right techniques. You only have to learn and practice them in order to up your safety on the road.