The many motorcyclists riding their bikes throughout Knox County may serve as a reminder to all those who drive on the area’s roads of the need to share them with all vehicles. Motorists may often believe in a perceived heirarchy on the road, with themselves being at the top of it and motorcyclists needing to accomodate them. Yet that is not the case. Motorcycles are afforded the same freedoms as any other vehicle when it comes to the use of the roadway. Sadly, that fact may often not be realized, and when it is not, the results are often devastating for the motorcyclists involved. 

This point was sadly reaffirmed in an accident that recently occurred near Fort Campbell outside of Clarksville. A motorcycle driven by a young man was struck by an SUV attempting to make a turn. While the accident is still under investigation, preliminary reports state that the driver of the SUV failed to recognize that the motorcyclist had the right of way. The young man, who was serving at the base as a member of the Army, was pronounced dead at the scene. The occupants of the SUV were also injured and taken for treatment at a local hospital.

Motorists may rarely intend to cause harm to motorcyclists. Rather, their actions may simply be due to a lack of familiarity with the state’s traffic laws. However, a lack of knowledge of the law still may not absolve them from liability in cases similar to the one described above. In cases where the loved ones of motorcyclists killed or injured in collisions with cars look to seek compensation, having an experienced attorney on their sides may help bolster their claims. 

Source: The Miami County Republic “PHS grad killed in motorcycle accident” McCauley, Brian, July 24, 2017