Now that spring is here, you may be anxious to steer your motorcycle out of the garage and get back on the open road. It is nearly motorcycle season again, and bikers in Tennessee and elsewhere are impatient to feel the freedom of a good ride. However, as we at the law offices of Pryor, Priest, and Harber know, spring also marks the beginning of accident season for motorcyclists.

When you are on your bike, your greatest dangers come from other drivers, especially in the spring when people are not used to seeing an increase in motorcycles on the roads. According to the Cheat Sheet, some of the biggest hazards you face from other drivers include the following:

  • Drivers at intersections, especially those who are waiting to make a left turn and may not be watching out for motorcycles
  • Vehicles behind you, which may rear-end you if you are stopped at a light or if traffic slows
  • Drivers who open their doors without looking to see if any bikes are approaching from behind
  • People who switch lanes without checking their mirrors or signaling
  • Drivers who are paying attention to their cellphones or other distractions instead of the road

Those who drive cars and trucks have a great responsibility to watch for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians, who are smaller than their vehicles but share the roads nonetheless. You may increase your own safety by never letting your guard down in traffic, but a driver may be held responsible for your injuries if he or she was negligent behind the wheel, as our page on motorcycle accidents explains.