Hit-and-run accidents in Tennessee are all too common, but why do some people leave the scene after they hit a pedestrian or cause a crash? Two of the most common reasons someone would leave a car accident are blaming the victim and fear of legal consequences. According to a forensic clinical specialist, some individuals feel the other person should have been paying better attention and not gotten in their way.

The specialist does not believe these are malicious or premeditated attacks, but it does show a lack of empathy and the good moral judgement that should have been imparted when during childhood. Another common reason for drivers to leave the scene of a collision is that they were driving on a suspended license, they were texting and driving or driving under the influence. They may initially think about the victim, but they will eventually choose themselves.

It is also common for hit-and-run drivers to downplay the harm they have caused. They will tell themselves that the person they hit was not that badly injured, so it is not a big deal if they leave. The forensic specialist thinks that many people who would leave the scene of a crash they caused have personality issues.

When someone is in a car accident, insurance companies will often try to marginalize the injuries someone suffered to lower payouts for medical bills. If someone has been in an accident, they may benefit from speaking with an attorney who might be able to help defend their rights and help them receive just compensation.

Source: NBC10, “Why Hit-and-Run Drivers Flee,” Vince Lattanzio, March 29, 2013