People in Tennessee may have a limited understanding of what whiplash is. The condition is a common injury suffered in car accidents, and the economic cost of the injury across the country may reach an estimated $30 billion every year.

Whiplash is most commonly caused in rear-end collisions, which cause the person’s head to experience a sudden acceleration followed by a rapid deceleration in a violent front to back motion. The motion can cause injuries to muscles, surrounding tissue and bones, depending on the severity of the injury. While many people are able to bounce back quickly after a minor motor vehicle crash, those with severe whiplash injuries may experience disabling pain and chronic problems that can sometimes last years after an accident occurred.

In order to prevent whiplash in the event of a collision, people should take some safety measures. Car manufacturers have made improvements in safety belts. Safety belts should always be used while riding in a vehicle. Additionally, head restraints should be placed in their proper position as they help prevent hyperextension of the neck in the event of a collision.

People who are involved in a car accident may suffer some serious complications if they have suffered whiplash, and treatments can become expensive. However, when people are injured in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, they may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney about recovering compensation for their losses. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, an injured plaintiff might be able to recover the cost of medical treatments and rehabilitation. In addition, funds covering loss of income might also be included in an award won in court.

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